Gas Leakage is a common complaint in the air conditioners which can be noticed when the hissing sound coming from the indoor unit, Frozen condenser coils, loss of colling power. When you face this kind of situation you can make sure the issue is a gas leak. During this situation, You can hire the best ac service in Kochi to fix this type of service.

What Gas Leak in Air Conditioner

AC or Air Conditioner units basically use freon coolants, it is a colorless gas and this freon coolant leaking from the aircon rapidly evaporates into a gas. This type of gas can cause nausea and skin irritation. During this situation, this complaint has to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further issues. Gas leaks normally decrease cooling power, during these situations air conditioner may not cool properly.

Solution for Gas Leak in Air Conditioner

As a proper solution, you need to check the different parts of the device to identify which part is leaking gas. First, you have to check the valves, inspecting the tubing, and make sure there is no leak from holes and crack. By doing this kind of regular checking you can identify the gas leak areas. A common solution to gas leaks is to fix the issue as soon as possible by calling the ac repair company, Expert can fix this issue by checking and replacing the required items.